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Improving measures to reach lockdown in Pakistan

Manager of the National Council for Civil Rights (NCRC), Prashant Bhushan, has accused local authorities of playing politics with the lives of people of the country, accusing the government of not taking the situation seriously and allowing it to get worse.

Vitri Kalak, a sociologist and a co-founder of the NCRC in Lahore’s North Block, has been in Pakistan for more than a decade. “We should not have to live in fear of returning home much again, ” he said in an interview with Dawn newspaper, after visiting Karachi before the lockdown was imposed in Pakistan last month.

“All this going on because of a lack of activity, culture, in areas where social distancing is not used”, he said.

Pakistani authorities denied the allegations on Friday as the country started entering a seven month shutdown on businesses until dawn on Monday for the first time since mid-April, when the government lifted a second lockdown.

Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin also announced the closure of borders to all external destinations, and said authorities would allow government engineers to begin dismantling curfew-imposed restrictions.

“Instead of talking about a ‘victory’ we have been faced with this. The country’s schools, some of which are struggling to offer education, are beginning to close, ” he said.