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Sylvia Laks

Sylvia Laks produces traditional stained glass designs of incredible quality and beauty. Her unique, custom designs are in demand by architects and home decorators around the world.

A master draftswoman, Laks incorporates the grisaille technique (drawing on glass with metal powder which is subsequently baked at high temperatures) in her own original designs as well in restorations of church windows in Costa Rica and Europe.

Sylvia and Enrique Laks also manage an enterprise named “Artisan,” which employs single mothers who create a range of art and craft items including naturally scented soaps, original paintings on handmade paper, and glass mosaic items, which are sold to stores and individuals in Costa Rica.

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“We really had a great time on the Art Tour. I was telling my mom that to just walk into a gallery and look at art seems so dry to me, but to see the artists and hear their stories and inspirations just gave the art such a personal feel to me!”

“Your Costa Rica Art Tour was truly a delight. You did a wonderful job in selecting a very talented group of artists with personalities to match. Both Marie and I hope to have the opportunity to share the experience again. Your idea of doing a photographic tour of San Jose sounds very appealing.”

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