Costa Rican artists and artisans show you their work in their own studios on our day tour in San Jose!

Costa Rica Art Tour introduces you to some of Costa Rica’s best artists in their studios. Tour reservations are recommended as we take a maximum of 10 people each day.Please contact us through email We take you in a private car or minivan to 5 studios/galleries. Lunch is included at a typical Costa Rican restaurant.

Private tours are also available. If there are Costa Rican artists you would like to visit personally, we can connect you and help you purchase (and ship) the works of art that speak to you!

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“We really had a great time on the Art Tour. I was telling my mom that to just walk into a gallery and look at art seems so dry to me, but to see the artists and hear their stories and inspirations just gave the art such a personal feel to me!”

Costa Rica Art Tour looks forward to welcoming you on our next private artist studio tour! All art tours are in private minibuses and include lunch and translation into English. You will meet directly with several of the Costa Rican artists and artisans shown on this site, and view their paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, stained glass, and more! Many works are for sale, (prices can be surprisingly affordable!) and we can help you get them shipped back to your home via UPS or DHL.

Because the Costa Rica Art Tour visits the private (and generally modestly-sized) studios of Costa Rican artists and artisans, tour groups are small. This is not a “canned” tour. The price of the art tour includes lunch at a typical Costa Rican restaurant. We can also arrange for private transportation by limousine at additional cost. The Costa Rica art tour is an excellent option rain of shine, a wonderful way to spend an inspiring day in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Of course, if you can’t make it to Costa Rica, and wish to purchase any of the works shown, we are eager to assist you! Contact us by email or telephone (see “info” at left) and we will provide any information necessary to help you select your Costa Rican artwork.

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Researchers reported at the 35th Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology in Milan.

It binds collectively two existing cancer medications with the aim of delivering both medicines specifically to malignancy cells: trastuzumab, a monoclonal antibody that targets cells that overproduce the protein HER2; and DM1, a chemotherapy agent that targets microtubules. This is the first ever display of an anti-HER2 antibody-medication conjugate used as first-line therapy for individuals with advanced breast malignancy, said Professor Perez. We are encouraged by the outcomes. The analysis demonstrated that T-DM1 offers very good anti-tumor activity along with lower toxicity when evaluated side by side to the older ‘standard’. T-DM1 has shown promising activity in preclinical research. Continue reading

Sir Liam Donaldson.

Britain’s Chief Medical Officer has announced new actions to tackle and remove tuberculosis in Britain Today the Britain’s Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, announced new measures to tackle and remove tuberculosis in Britain ultimately medications . THE PROGRAM, Stopping Tuberculosis in England, offers a strong commitment to tackle the disease by increasing the knowing of the disease amongst doctor and the public, establishing top quality surveillance to monitor the condition concentrating on high risk groups, identifying the an infection early, and making sure excellence in clinical look after individuals with TB. Continue reading

Childrens Hospital Oakland converts to Masimo Rainbow Place Pulse CO-Oximetry technology Masimo.

Children’s Hospital Oakland converts to Masimo Rainbow Place Pulse CO-Oximetry technology Masimo , the inventor of Pulse CO-Oximetry and Measure-Through Motion and Low-Perfusion pulse oximetry, announced today that Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland offers completed its system-wide conversions to Masimo Rainbow Collection Pulse CO-Oximetry technology. Standardizing to Masimo Rainbow Collection makes Children’s Medical center Oakland the first children’s hospital to pioneer new continuous noninvasive blood monitoring features hospital-wide–allowing earlier and better clinical decisions without the intermittent pain and wait associated with drawing blood. By transforming to Masimo Rainbow Place, Children’s Medical center Oakland clinicians will gain all the benefits and Measure-Through Movement capabilities of Masimo Place pulse oximetry, along with the breakthrough creativity of the first-ever constant and non-invasive hemoglobin monitoring ) technology. Continue reading

) will donate a share of total product sales to Team Continuum.

Through the use of their products, it is possible to surrender too. While Avacor’s locks re-growth items help many appearance their best, there’s an urgent have to help those whom Avacor’s items cannot help alone.. Avacor groups up with Group and HopeCuts Continuum to supply help for cancer sufferers AvacorItems LLC ) is usually teaming up with both charities in order to help those fighting cancers as well as to greatly help find new methods to combat this prolific disease. ) will donate a share of total product sales to Team Continuum. Group Continuum aims to supply immediate and vital, nonmedical assist with cancer sufferers and their families where in fact the diagnosis outcomes in disruption, hardship and uncertainty within their everyday lives. Continue reading

Frequently the pain could be related to harmless causes such as for example pregnancy or puberty.

Breast Lumps and Discomfort Causes Many possible causes exist for pain or tenderness in another of your breasts or in both breasts. Frequently the pain could be related to harmless causes such as for example pregnancy or puberty. It is also a recurrent issue for females with cyclical pain linked to the menstrual cycle. Although malignancy is a significant concern for some women, it really is rarely the reason for isolated breast pain. Some factors behind breast pain are: Fibrocystic breasts disease Premenstrual syndrome, cyclic mastalgia Regular hormonal fluctuations Onset of puberty or menopause Being pregnant Breastfeeding Estrogen therapy Chest wall structure tenderness Problems for the breasts Shingles Usage of certain medicines such asdigoxin , methyldopa , spironolactone , oxymetholone , and chlorpromazine Contamination in the breast Breast cancer If a lump is normally got by you in your breasts, your doctor will look for the following: Fibrocystic changes: Fibrocystic adjustments, called Fibrocystic Disease previously, will be the most common benign or harmless condition of the breasts. Continue reading

Who were sedentary mostly.

Chronic job stress associated with obesity A new research that delivers a snapshot of a typical American workplace observed that chronic job tension and lack of exercise are strongly connected with carrying excess fat or obese . Unexpectedly, researchers also found that a diet abundant with vegetables and fruit did small to offset the effect of chronic job tension on pounds gain among the workers, who were sedentary mostly. Instead, exercise appeared to be the main element to managing tension and keeping a healthy weight. University of Rochester INFIRMARY experts conducted the scholarly research of 2,782 employees at a large manufacturing facility in upstate New York, but the total results could be applicable to almost any job situation where layoffs, or insufficient control at the job, is a major concern. Continue reading

Researchers at UT Southwestern INFIRMARY possess found.

Most of all, these effects depended on what the cells fired often. The activity degrees of neurons play an essential role during normal mind development in children. Dynamic connections become more powerful and survive to adulthood, while inactive types disappear. Autism is thought to involve an imbalance of excitatory and inhibitory nerve connections, a theory backed by this study, stated Dr. Ege Kavalali, associate professor of physiology and neuroscience at UT Southwestern and an writer of the paper. Kavalali said. We can never style a therapeutic technique without understanding what these mutations perform. Continue reading

Reuters reports.

The Kaiser Daily Wellness Policy Report is released for, a free of charge support of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2007 Advisory Board Business and Kaiser Family Base. All rights reserved.. Brand-name prescription drug companies reached 14 handles generic manufacturers to delay sale of generics in FY 2007 Brand-name prescription drug manufacturers in fiscal year 2007 reached 14 agreements with generic drug manufacturers to delay market entry of generic medications, about Wednesday by the Federal government Trade Commission in accordance to a written report released, Reuters reports . Drug manufacturers must report such offers to FTC beneath the 2003 Medicare laws . The record didn’t name which medications were suffering from the deals. Based on the report, there have been 33 offers made between brand-name and generic medication makers in FY 2007, and 14 of the agreements resolved patent litigation on a lot more than 13 brand-name medications. Continue reading

As an example of a high quality.

Consider, for instance, when MD Anderson became the first health care corporation to earn gold-standard accreditation from the CEO Roundtable on Cancer. Earning the accreditation is normally no small task: it needs tobacco-free work sites, benefit plans that cover recommended malignancy screenings, assist with employees with malignancy in entering appropriate scientific trials, and purchase in workers’ exercise and nourishment. Many people through the entire organization view this commitment as a badge of honor.. CEO Cancer Gold Regular employee wellness plan highlighted in Harvard Business Review The latest issue of Harvard Business Review highlighted the CEO Cancer Gold Regular, as an example of a high quality, signature program that may boost the overall effectiveness of a broad spectral range of workplace wellness initiatives. Continue reading

Announced today the excellent results of a scientific trial demonstrating that CXL-1427.

Cardioxyl reports excellent results from CXL-1427 Phase I actually trial for treatment of ADHF Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announced today the excellent results of a scientific trial demonstrating that CXL-1427, a novel potential treatment for severe decompensated heart failing , was well tolerated in healthy volunteers. The company has initiated dosing of hospitalized patients with decompensated heart failure in a Phase IIa clinical trial designed to further measure the drug's tolerability and safety in addition to its dosing levels rx pills . The Phase I medical trial evaluated the basic safety and tolerability of 24 – and 48-hour continuous intravenous infusions of CXL-1427 in 80 healthy volunteers. Continue reading

Bacterial infection feasible in University of Oregon students death EUGENE.

Jones graduated in 2014 from Southwest Dekalb SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Lithonia, Georgia, where she was the captain of the varsity gymnastics group. She was called the most valuable participant in her senior yr. This award signifies Karmanos' commitment and interest towards providing a fantastic healthcare experience for females and all patients. By carrying the Females's Choice Award seal, Karmanos offers joined at the very top network of hospitals focused on a worldwide mission to empower ladies to create smart healthcare options. Continue reading

Suggests new research reported in todays issue in the British Medical Journal.

Antidepressants not the culprit in depression linked to heart attacks The increased risk of heart attack associated with taking antidepressants may be caused by the depression itself rather than the medicines themselves, suggests new research reported in today’s issue in the British Medical Journal. At least one in 10 older people are prescribed antidepressants. The findings, predicated on anonymous prescribing provided from 644 general practices over the UK, on 60,000 patients who had had their initial heart attack between 1998 and 2001 and 360,000 selected others randomly, matched for age and sex, were analyzed and showed there was an increased threat of a first heart attack within the 1st month of acquiring antidepressants. Continue reading

They could need to go months without feeding on.

Their preferred meals, seal, requires enormous good fortune and endurance to catch. Increase that the melting of Arctic ocean ice because of climate transformation, and the poisoning of the Arctic by toxic chemical substances, and it’s easy to understand why polar bears world-wide are in big trouble. Among all of the bad news, nevertheless, comes one possible shiny spot. In a scholarly research of PCBs in polar bear cubs in Svalbard, experts from the Norwegian University of Research and Technology possess found that blood degrees of PCBs and related contaminants in polar bear cubs may actually have got dropped by as very much as 59 percent between 1998 and 2008. Continue reading

A manufacturer and internet marketer of electrosurgical products.

Bovie settles patent infringement ligation with Salient Medtronic and Surgical Bovie Medical Company , a manufacturer and internet marketer of electrosurgical products, announced funds to the June 10 today, 2010, actions brought by Salient Surgical Systems, Inc. And Medtronic, Inc. Against the ongoing company.S. And Europe, through 2015 February. In exchange, Medtronic can make a one-period payment to Bovie of $750,000. Terms likewise incorporate a provision for a possible OEM contract manufacturing romantic relationship between Salient and Bovie. The ongoing company already includes a longstanding OEM contract production agreement with Medtronic for advanced electrosurgical generators. Commenting on the settlement, Andrew Makrides CEO and president of Bovie mentioned, ‘After cautiously weighing the significant costs of continuing litigation and the inherent uncertainty in this sort of action, management figured this settlement was in the very best interest of the business and its shareholders.’.. Continue reading

Providing a possible method of increasing life span therefore cliquez pour la description.

Calcium with vitamin D supplements reduces threat of mortality in seniors Study displays vitamin D and calcium reduce mortality but not vitamin D aloneA study recently published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Fat burning capacity suggests that vitamin D-when taken with calcium-can decrease the price of mortality in seniors, providing a possible method of increasing life span therefore. Over the last decade, there’s been increasing recognition of the potential health effects of vitamin D. It is well known that calcium with vitamin D health supplements reduces the chance of fractures cliquez pour la description . Continue reading

It affects many million people in Europe.

One in five strokes is because of AF. Generally, AF can be treated successfully by a power cardioversion. Unfortunately, in the majority of patients, AF recurs through the first weeks or times after cardioversion. This is due to electrical reorganisation processes in the atria which donate to recurrent AF in patients. Antiarrhythmic medications can reverse elements of the electric remodeling process and stop recurrences of AF. It really is well-known that the atria recover from electrical remodeling within four weeks after cardioversion. Beyond this era, AF relapses frequently occur much less, suggesting that antiarrhythmic medications might be needed just in the first a month after cardioversion. Continue reading

Biotech corporation withdraws application release a GM flies in Spain.

Nevertheless, the organizations warn that with latest improvements in genetic engineering technology, more attempts to change the genomes of wild species are simply nearby likely. The olive fly is among the main pests of olive crops world-wide. Oxitec’s GM olive fly posesses female-killing gene that triggers the death of feminine offspring. The business hopes release a the GM fly across the world eventually, hypothetically leading to a crash in the amounts of the agricultural pest. Company literature will not point out the potential ecological outcomes of engineering extinction deliberately, of a pest even. Authorities reject reckless plansCivil culture had opposed Oxitec’s programs to check the GM olive flies in Spain, partly as the flies were engineered from non-indigenous Israeli and Greek varieties. Continue reading