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Costa Rican artists and artisans show you their work in their own studios on our day tour in San Jose!

Costa Rica Art Tour introduces you to some of Costa Rica’s best artists in their studios. Tour reservations are recommended as we take a maximum of 10 people each day.Please contact us through email We take you in a private car or minivan to 5 studios/galleries. Lunch is included at a typical Costa Rican restaurant.

Private tours are also available. If there are Costa Rican artists you would like to visit personally, we can connect you and help you purchase (and ship) the works of art that speak to you!

The art works shown below are just a sample…please click on all the buttons on the left and see more!

“We really had a great time on the Art Tour. I was telling my mom that to just walk into a gallery and look at art seems so dry to me, but to see the artists and hear their stories and inspirations just gave the art such a personal feel to me!”

Costa Rica Art Tour looks forward to welcoming you on our next private artist studio tour! All art tours are in private minibuses and include lunch and translation into English. You will meet directly with several of the Costa Rican artists and artisans shown on this site, and view their paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, stained glass, and more! Many works are for sale, (prices can be surprisingly affordable!) and we can help you get them shipped back to your home via UPS or DHL.

Because the Costa Rica Art Tour visits the private (and generally modestly-sized) studios of Costa Rican artists and artisans, tour groups are small. This is not a “canned” tour. The price of the art tour includes lunch at a typical Costa Rican restaurant. We can also arrange for private transportation by limousine at additional cost. The Costa Rica art tour is an excellent option rain of shine, a wonderful way to spend an inspiring day in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Of course, if you can’t make it to Costa Rica, and wish to purchase any of the works shown, we are eager to assist you! Contact us by email or telephone (see “info” at left) and we will provide any information necessary to help you select your Costa Rican artwork.

Please click on any image for a more detailed, larger image.

Please email us with any questions:

Privacy policy: we will NEVER give or sell your information to ANYONE! PERIOD!

If you are a Costa Rican artist and would like to be included in our tours to artists’ studios, please send us an email:

A medical device company focused on treatment options for patients diagnosed with infertility.

Elkin Lucena of the Columbian Fertility and Sterility Center in Bogota, Colombia presented the outcomes of the Center’s first 95 fertility treatment cycles making use of INVO Bioscience’s INVOcell for lovers with fertility problems at the 66th Annual Interacting with of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine in Denver. This outstanding effectiveness was achieved in cycles finished in women from age groups 21 to 45. The clinical pregnancy rate for patients aged 40 and younger was 46 percent. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control current infertility treatments are in the same selection of efficacy. The CECOLFES outcomes also indicated that multiple pregnancies happened in 10 percent of the individuals in the study in comparison to 30 percent multiple pregnancies that take place in more traditional fertility treatment regimes. Continue reading

Research at the University of Chicago shows.

They coded each example in which parents talked about numbers with their kids. When the kids were 4 years older nearly, they were assessed on their understanding of the cardinal principle. The results were then compared to the records of their conversations about figures with their parents. Children whose parents discussed pieces of four to 10 objects that the child could see were more likely to comprehend the cardinal theory, the extensive research showed. Using smaller figures in conversations and discussing objects the kids couldn’t see was not predictive of children’s understanding of the cardinal theory. Continue reading

Experts at The University of Texas M.

An engineered virus that tracks down and compels cancers cells to eat themselves An engineered virus tracks down and infects the most typical and deadly type of brain cancer and then kills tumor cells by forcing them to devour themselves, experts at The University of Texas M. D cheap viagra Denmark . Anderson Cancer Center survey in the Journal of the National Cancers Institute. The altered adenovirus homed in on malignant glioma cells in mice and induced enough self-cannibalization among the malignancy cells – – an activity called autophagy – – to reduce tumor size and prolong survival, says senior writer Seiji Kondo, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in the Section of Neurosurgery at M. D. Anderson. ”This virus uses telomerase, an enzyme found in 80 % of human brain tumors, as a target,” Kondo says. Continue reading

Is fighting an uphill fight against little cell lung cancer.

The eligibility requirements for this specific medical trial can be a problem, as patients will need to have no treatment background. Our team encourages individuals and their treating doctor to consider available scientific trials that are the combination of the typical of care and a novel agent. The approach being tested in the scientific trial works by combining the standard-of-care chemotherapy with a NOTCH inhibitor , a targeted therapy aimed to directly attack cancerous stem cells. Related StoriesViralytics enters into scientific trial collaboration agreement with MSDCrucial modification in single DNA bottom predisposes children to aggressive type of cancerCornell biomedical engineers develop 'super organic killer cells' to destroy cancers cells in lymph nodes.. Continue reading

According to a study posted in the British Journal of Dermatology.

Antibiotic usage causes eczema in children: Research Children who receive treatment with antibiotics throughout their initial year of lifestyle may have a 40 % higher threat of developing eczema, according to a study posted in the British Journal of Dermatology. The researchers conducted an assessment of 20 prior studies right into a potential connection between early antibiotic treatment and later on eczema diagnosis . They discovered that any contact with antibiotics in the first year of lifestyle increased the later threat of eczema, including in exposure caused by a mother acquiring antibiotics while pregnant. Each additional course of antibiotics improved a child’s future risk of eczema by another 7 %, with the greatest risk seeming to result from broad-spectrum antibiotics such as amoxicillin. Continue reading

Or circulating tumour cells.

Various other predictive methods can only be used on diagnosis, and only once, say the scientists. Previous work on the recognition of CTCs in bone marrow experienced also been proven to have predictive worth, stated Dr. However, because bone marrow isn’t easily accessible it really is difficult to utilize this technique on a big scale. It is very much simpler, and more patient-friendly, to consider blood samples for evaluation. If this proves to be the case, it will open the door to a simple method of monitoring the likely outcome of chemotherapy, along with enabling us to target treatments more precisely. Continue reading

Based in Fort Smith.

The U.S. Is seeking 3 x the damages and a penalty of $5,500 to $11,000 per claim.S. To be eligible for Medicare hospice benefits, an individual will need to have a medical prognosis of six months or less to live. 22. The U.S. January 2007 alleges false claims were submitted for payment since at least. The whistle-blower match was filed in ’09 2009 by two former AseraCare employees – Dawn Richardson and Marsha Dark brown – who will receive a part of any recovery. Enacted during the Civil War First, the federal False Claims Work , 31 U.S.C., authorizes treble damages and a penalty from $5,500 to $11,000 per claim for anyone who knowingly submits or causes the submission of a fake or fraudulent claim to the United States. Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers may file lawsuits with respect to the United share and States in any recovery.. Continue reading

Pacific and Asian Islander diabetes data need to have segregating By Sally Robertson.

Pacific and Asian Islander diabetes data need to have segregating By Sally Robertson, medwireNews Reporter Surveillance figures that aggregate Asians and Pacific Islanders are misleading in terms of establishing who would benefit most from increased diabetes prevention interventions, report US researchers. The high diabetes risk among Pacific Islanders, South Asians, and Filipinos is definitely obscured by the much lower risk among Japanese and Chinese, shows evaluation of a big, multiethnic cohort of sufferers. ‘These findings represent a departure from the traditional wisdom relating to diabetes burden among APIs to be uniformly less than African Us citizens and Latinos but greater than that of Whites,’ say Andrew Karter and team . In a scholarly study of 2,123,548 KNPC people, the team estimated the prevalence and incidence of diabetes general and by race/ethnicity as of 1 January 2010 until the end of the twelve months. Related StoriesBetalin launches brand-new EMP technology that could transform diabetes treatmentDiabetes medication liraglutide ineffective in patients with advanced heart failureHeart attack patients diagnosed and treated for diabetes knowledge improved cardiac outcomesAs reported in Diabetes Treatment, 210,632 individuals got diabetes at baseline, giving an 8.9 percent prevalence after age – and gender-standardization to the united states population. Each ethnic minority group had considerably higher diabetes prevalence than Whites, with the best prevalence observed among Pacific Islanders, at 18.3 percent, followed by Filipinos at 16.1 percent, South Asians at 15.9 percent, Latinos at 14.0 percent, African Americans at 13.7 percent, and Native Americans at 13.4 percent. Among Southeast Asians, Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans, and Chinese, diabetes prevalence was 10.5 percent, 10.3 percent, 9.9 percent, 9.9 percent, and 8.2 percent, respectively. Of the 1,912,916 people without prevalent diabetes at baseline, 15,357 incident diabetes instances were recognized during 2010. Patterns for age – and gender-standardized diabetes incidence had been found to be similar to those observed for prevalence. Pacific Islanders experienced the best incidence rate, at 19.9 cases per 1000 person-years. This was followed by incidence rates per 1000 person-years of 17.2, 14.7, 12.0, 11.2, 11.2, 7.5 and 6.5 among South Asians, Filipinos, Native People in america, Latinos, African Us citizens, Japanese, and Chinese, respectively. ‘Pacific Islanders had more than 3 x the incidence of diabetes in accordance with Whites, compared with an around 75 percent higher diabetes incidence among African American and Latinos relative to Whites,’ note Karter and colleagues. Surveillance statistics aggregating all APIs obscure the very high diabetes risk among Pacific Islanders, South Asians, and Filipinos, who would reap the benefits of increased diabetes prevention attempts. ‘In our efforts to meet our national objective of eliminating wellness disparities, we must continue steadily to monitor diabetes prevalence and incidence among the API subgroups, in addition to across races/ethnicities in general,’ concludes the united team. Certified from medwireNews with permission from Springer Health care Ltd. All rights reserved. Neither of the parties endorse or recommend any commercial products, services, or equipment. Continue reading

Also in Global Wellness news: PEPFAR in Swaziland.

Related StoriesStudy evaluates performance of antiretroviral treatment in HIV-infected childrenSafe, effective douche-based rectal microbicide can prevent HIV in gay menResearch provides network marketing leads for new ways of develop HIV vaccineLos Angeles Times Examines Influence Of Somali Situation On Children The Los Angeles Times examines how the situation in Somalia is affecting children in the united states. ‘Children have long been the greatest casualty of Somalia’s 18-year civil war. Continue reading

A Melbourne-based immunotherapy organization.

ProVation Purchase Sets is made upon ProVation Medical’s award-winning, clinician-designed technology system. Among its primary values may be the continuous improvements to clinical content material and medical proof, including immediate links to UpToDate, the source of choice for a lot more than 450,000 users world-wide. Central to the capability may be the One-Click Updates device, which leverages UpToDate’s Practice Changing Improvements, which highlights brand-new recommendations which could change usual scientific practice potentially. Enabled by way of a unique, structured method of data management, One-Click Improvements alerts customers to evidence that could trigger the necessity to modify particular purchase sets. After that it enables users to examine recommended improvements and apply them in one step across multiple purchase sets. Continue reading

Applied Spine Technologies receives U.

11/189,512), describes the use of a travel limiting feature as part of a versatile spinal stabilization device. This Notice of Allowance protects a course of gadgets that enable movement, like our Stabilimax device, and include structure to protect against these devices moving excessively. This Notice demonstrates further proof our ever maturing Intellectual Property, said Craig Corrance, CEO and President of Applied Spine. The Company constantly manages its I.P. Portfolio to be able to protect and differentiate our Stabilimax platform while also working closely with its I.P. Continue reading

Boston Scientific pledges $100.

In an outbreak in Doncaster, 32 situations have already been confirmed and 36 are being investigated even now. The first infections developed among kids at the same playgroup who seemingly, at less than a full year old, were too young to have had the MMR jab. The condition has spread to older children and close by areas now. The majority of instances reported have been around in the travellers community where vaccine protection is traditionally low. Related StoriesCDC publishes reports on infectious and noninfectious diseasesNew vaccine candidate displays great guarantee at fighting respiratory syncytial virusWHO and wellness cluster companions cope with health needs of internally displaced persons in South SudanTwo shots are had a need to give complete protection and, of the 72 confirmed cases, two children had received just the first injection. Continue reading

Alnylam presents ALN-VSP Phase I trial results for liver cancer Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

.. Alnylam presents ALN-VSP Phase I trial results for liver cancer Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a leading RNAi therapeutics organization, today presented new medical data from its ALN-VSP Stage I liver malignancy trial in a demonstration at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Results from molecular analysis of individual biopsy samples showed achievement of pharmacologically relevant siRNA medication levels in tissues. Furthermore, using a highly exact polymerase chain reaction -based technique known as 5′ – speedy amplification of cDNA ends , evaluation of human cells samples showed proof RNAi-mediated focus on mRNA cleavage, and RNAi in guy with the systemically delivered RNAi therapeutic thus. Continue reading

Osteopathic physicians are educated to prevent illness and vaccinations will be the safest.

Osteopathic physicians are educated to prevent illness and vaccinations will be the safest, most reliable interventions available to make that happen goal, said Robert Juhasz, Perform, president of the American Osteopathic Association. People should fear polio, not really the vaccine that eradicated it, yet misplaced fear is leading to a resurgence of diseases which were once relegated to the past history books, Dr. Juhasz said. The science is obvious and unwavering–vaccines prevent disease and conserve lives. Vaccination is usually a public health imperative. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE Avella Specialty Pharmacyhas once been named in Inc again.

PRESS RELEASE Avella Specialty Pharmacyhas once been named in Inc again. 5000 Magazine’s set of the fastest-developing companies in the united states. In fact, the specialty pharmacy has been known with this distinction each year because the inception of the magazine’s list in 2006 ?kamagra jel . Not merely has Avella maintained amazing financial growth in the last decade, it has additionally re-invested a few of this income into new technologies like a mobile individual app and supplier portal alongside an FDA-compliant clean area facility. Continue reading

With fifty % of these deaths believed preventable.

‘We in Mexicali is focused on building a great spot to work. They continue steadily to arranged the bar higher every year, moving from #71 in ’09 2009, to #27 this year 2010 and now #14 this year. One of the core beliefs in the Orthofix and Breg ‘Lifestyle of Accountability’ is Value People. Our Mexicali workers took this to heart and live it each day. This award displays their commitment.’.. Amnesty International report: 1 in five Arkansas women receives delayed or no prenatal care 34 Percent of Women Live in a Medically Underserved Area In releasing a new report on maternal health nationwide, Amnesty International today revealed that flaws and shocking disparities in maternal healthcare that the government is ignoring result in two to three women dying daily in the United States from pregnancy-related complications, with fifty % of these deaths believed preventable, based on the Centers for Disease Control. Continue reading

Animal study in vascular effects of COX-2 inhibition Within an article by Egan et al.

Animal study in vascular effects of COX-2 inhibition Within an article by Egan et al, titled, ‘Cyclooxygenases, Thromboxane, and Atherosclerosis,’ published in the Jan 17 issue of Circulation: Journal of the American Cardiovascular Association researchers examined some of the molecular mechanisms of drugs affecting prostaglandin and thromboxane creation. In a genetic knock-out mouse style of atherosclerosis, the experts discovered that the progression of atherosclerosis could possibly be slowed by a medication blocking the thromboxane receptor , however, not by inhibiting COX-1 and COX-2 concurrently with indomethacin or by inhibiting COX-2 alone with MF tricyclic, an experimental COX-2 inhibitor brand pills . Continue reading