Costa Rican artists and artisans show you their work in their own studios on our day tour in San Jose!

Costa Rica Art Tour introduces you to some of Costa Rica’s best artists in their studios. Tour reservations are recommended as we take a maximum of 10 people each day.Please contact us through email We take you in a private car or minivan to 5 studios/galleries. Lunch is included at a typical Costa Rican restaurant.

Private tours are also available. If there are Costa Rican artists you would like to visit personally, we can connect you and help you purchase (and ship) the works of art that speak to you!

The art works shown below are just a sample…please click on all the buttons on the left and see more!

“We really had a great time on the Art Tour. I was telling my mom that to just walk into a gallery and look at art seems so dry to me, but to see the artists and hear their stories and inspirations just gave the art such a personal feel to me!”

Costa Rica Art Tour looks forward to welcoming you on our next private artist studio tour! All art tours are in private minibuses and include lunch and translation into English. You will meet directly with several of the Costa Rican artists and artisans shown on this site, and view their paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, stained glass, and more! Many works are for sale, (prices can be surprisingly affordable!) and we can help you get them shipped back to your home via UPS or DHL.

Because the Costa Rica Art Tour visits the private (and generally modestly-sized) studios of Costa Rican artists and artisans, tour groups are small. This is not a “canned” tour. The price of the art tour includes lunch at a typical Costa Rican restaurant. We can also arrange for private transportation by limousine at additional cost. The Costa Rica art tour is an excellent option rain of shine, a wonderful way to spend an inspiring day in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Of course, if you can’t make it to Costa Rica, and wish to purchase any of the works shown, we are eager to assist you! Contact us by email or telephone (see “info” at left) and we will provide any information necessary to help you select your Costa Rican artwork.

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Asian-language speakers actively make use of quitlines.

Asian-language speakers are using the service actively. Between 1993 and 2008, the California Smokers’ Helpline received 22,061 phone calls from Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese individuals on its Asian-language lines, and 259,979 phone calls from Caucasians on its English series. The experts estimated the number of smokers in each group in California using data from the California Health Interview Surveys, and put the population estimates and the Helpline data together to compute quitline utilization rates for every group. They found that smokers speaking Asian languages had been just as likely to utilize the quitline as English-speaking Caucasians were, and that California’s anti-smoking media advertising campaign – which shows up in multiple languages – was the main driver of Asian phone calls. Continue reading

These components had been used.

Caulking found to end up being unrecognized way to obtain PCB contamination Environmental health researchers at Harvard School of Public Health have determined caulking and sealing materials as an unrecognized and perhaps widespread way to obtain polychlorinated biphenyl contamination in schools and buildings constructed in the 1960s and 1970s. They conclude a survey of masonry structures from that period is essential to determine where in the U.S . These components had been used, and that caulking ought to be routinely analyzed for PCBs and handled appropriately to lessen potentially significant health threats. Continue reading

Breasts augmentation cannot correct breasts that severely possess drooped.

She should apply ointment as instructed also. The recovery period is just about 24 to 48 hours; however, the individual is instructed never to resume her rigorous activity routine for at least fourteen days. Soreness for the initial couple of weeks is normal.. Breasts augmentation cannot correct breasts that severely possess drooped. For lifting sagging breasts, one must undergo breast lift medical procedures together with breast augmentation. Price Based on the late 2014 figures, breast augmentation costs at the least $3,708. Nevertheless, there are various other ancillary charges too, such as anesthesia, OT facilities, lab tests, post medical procedures garments, medicines and various other expenditures. Continue reading

Tom Tom and Paulson Murphy write in the Humanosphere blog page.

EBV is a common virus that triggers no symptoms alone often; it's better referred to as a cause of infectious mononucleosis and having a connection to some cancers. The NHANES data uncovered that adolescents who consumed coffee beans, red meat and completely juice daily might discover increased probability of EBV as compared with adolescents who consumed the same products on a monthly basis. An interview with Dr Matt SilverConsuming high-fat diet may lead to despair and anxiety, cause measurable changes in the brainThe research also suggested that adolescents who were not fed a balanced meal and had to depend on low cost food had significantly increased odds of EBV, though this selecting was weakened once adjusted for feasible response biases. Continue reading

Known as the Subcellular Pan-Omics for Advanced Fast Threat Assessment.

CU receives cooperative agreement to develop technological system to determine effects chemical substance agents The University of Colorado Boulder has been awarded a cooperative agreement worth up to $14.6 million from the Defense Advanced STUDIES Agency to develop a new technological program to rapidly determine how medications and biological or chemical brokers exert their effects on human cells. The project, known as the Subcellular Pan-Omics for Advanced Fast Threat Assessment, or SPARTA, will end up being carried out by an interdisciplinary CU-Boulder team led by Research Associate Professor William Aged of the chemistry and biochemistry section . DARPA – – an arm of the U.S. Division of Defense – – wants to better understand the biochemical mechanisms at work during cellular exposures to biological or chemical agents to greatly help prevent mortality during potential conflicts. Continue reading

But it might not offer any benefit for females with HER2-bad tumors.

Almost thirty % of the patients’ tumors overexpressed HER2. Overall and among sufferers with HER2-positive tumors, anthracycline-based chemotherapy produced a greater reduction in the chance of death or relapse than non-anthracycline-based regimens. However, among patients with HER2-unfavorable tumors, there was no difference in survival between your chemotherapy regimens. Within an accompanying editorial, Soonmyung Paik, M.D., of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breasts and Bowel Task in Pittsburgh and co-workers point out that HER2 status by itself may not be more than enough to determine who should receive anthracyclines, provided the molecular distinctions among different subtypes of breasts tumor.. Continue reading

According to a paper published in Human being Gene Therapy.

Within their paper, ‘Creating Higher Titer Lentivirus with Caffeine,’ they emphasize that the timing of caffeine addition to regular lentiviral production protocols is important for attaining higher virus titers. Caffeine concentration is critical also, as an excessive amount of caffeine was toxic to the cells and didn’t increase virus production. Related StoriesUC Irvine Health researchers develop one-step test to detect HCV infectionsPsychoactive drugs can help sedentary people to exercise, suggests Kent stamina expertPerisylvian polymicrogyria gene foundLentivirus vectors are generally utilized for transferring genes into cells for both study applications in the laboratory and, increasingly, for gene therapy methods in clinical screening. The addition of caffeine ‘should significantly decrease the expense of lentiviral creation for research and medical uses,’ conclude the authors. Continue reading

They are utilized by athletes who want to enhance there performance also.

An Insight Into Anabolic Steroids When a bodybuilder struggles to flourish in achieving body transformation through the natural way they often end up taking steroids if bodybuilding products fail to work also. Bodybuilding steroids are synthetic proteins resembling the male sex hormone and there sole purpose is to greatly help a person become larger . They are utilized by athletes who want to enhance there performance also. Steroids can be categorized as ether anabolic steroids or corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are usually found in the treatment of body inflammations and asthma. Continue reading

S most polluted metropolitan areas have been discovered downwind of Canada&39.

‘The Globe Health Organization has also formally known that outdoor air pollution is a respected environmental reason behind cancer deaths.’ Longtime occupants near industrial Alberta possess struggled to bring attention to bad odors, health threats and related worries. The peer-reviewed research is one of few in the region and more investigation of the large and complex services is needed. For example, Simpson said, it appeared in some full cases that the companies were not reporting all the a great deal of chemicals they release. Continue reading

Asthma attack risk boosts after stopping low-dose corticosteroids By Tag Cowen.

Asthma attack risk boosts after stopping low-dose corticosteroids By Tag Cowen, Senior medwireNews Reporter Individuals with steady asthma who end using low-dosage inhaled corticosteroids are in a significantly increased risk for exacerbations on the following 6 weeks, show outcomes from a systematic review and meta-evaluation of published studies. Matthew Rank and colleagues discovered that patients with steady asthma who discontinued low-dosage ICS treatment were a lot more than twice as more likely to knowledge an exacerbation as those that continued acquiring ICSs. Continue reading

And calcium supplements appear to raise the risk for myocardial infarction.

Supplements might raise heart attack risk By Liam Davenport Increased dietary calcium intake has no overall cardiovascular benefits, and calcium supplements appear to raise the risk for myocardial infarction , warn investigators intagra onlinw . Earlier epidemiological studies have got demonstrated an inverse association between dietary calcium intake and the chance for hypertension, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes, resulting in suggestions that the risk of cardiovascular events might be reduced by an increased intake. To test this hypothesis, Sabine Rohrmann, from the University of Zurich in Switzerland, and colleagues examined data on 23,980 participants from the Heidelberg cohort of the European Prospective into Nutrition and Cancers study. Continue reading

Contraceptive rule shall connect with self-insured groups.

Politico: Republicans Allow Kathleen Seblius Off Easy On Contraception Guideline Republican senators acquired a golden possibility to score factors Wednesday by blasting the brand new contraception coverage guideline when HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified prior to the Senate Financing Committee. They hardly took a go . The Hill: GOP Mainly Ignores Birth-Control Furor In Hearing With Sebelius Republicans have got vowed to maintain pressing their assault against the Light House’s birth-control mandate, nevertheless, you wouldn’t understand it from just how they approached a hearing with Health insurance and Human Providers Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Wednesday. It had been the very first time Sebelius provides testified before Congress since announcing the contraception mandate. Continue reading

Blog page examines global malaria funding In a post in his Malaria Matters blog.

Blog page examines global malaria funding In a post in his ‘Malaria Matters’ blog, Bill Brieger, a professor in medical systems plan of the department of worldwide health at Johns Hopkins University, examines donor funding for global health insurance and asks whether funding for malaria has reach a plateau. This content was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family members Foundation. Continue reading

BioMedix Vascular Solutions.

BioMedix Vascular Solutions, Howard University Medical center partner to greatly help uninsured PAD patients BioMedix Vascular Solutions, Inc . Announced today that the business offers partnered with Howard University Hospital, Department of Medical procedures to take part in a Community Wellness Project and Demonstration centered on diagnosing and dealing with the possibly life-threatening condition known as Peripheral Arterial Disease . Gwen Tillman, executive director, PAD Coalition at Vascular Disease Base was in attendance to greatly help reinforce the necessity for rapid analysis and treatment of PAD and take notice of the process.. Continue reading

A condition linked to heart disease and diabetes in ladies.

‘The results indicate that breastfeeding a child may have enduring favorable effects on a woman’s risk factors for later on developing diabetes or heart disease,’ she stated, explaining that the benefits don’t look like because of differences in fat gain, exercise, or other health behaviors. Nevertheless, in this study, less belly fat and higher levels of great cholesterol had been characteristic of women who did not develop Metabolic Syndrome, Gunderson stated. Among the 704 females who were aged 18 to 30 years at enrollment, had under no circumstances previously given birth and had been free of Metabolic Syndrome before almost all their pregnancies, there were 120 new cases of Metabolic Syndrome after pregnancies during twenty years of follow-up. Continue reading

Animals on Treadmill Video Crushes Our Self Esteem Its two weeks after New Years.

Animals on Treadmill Video Crushes Our Self Esteem It’s two weeks after New Years. Your resolution to get up and visit the gym has lengthy worn off as well as your hand is already double dipping back to bags of Cheetos. We know, we have been there indications-doses-and-safety-tips.html . So imagine our shame when we say this clip of pets on a treadmill:an adorable doggie in a reindeer suit, a cat on an elliptical trainer, a good crustacean rocking it under water. Thanks to our friends at Urlesque to make us experience this low. 25 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day Beat the Fight of the Bulge AT THIS TIME! Continue reading

000 adults from Denmark.

Childhood meningitis associated with lower educational achievement and economic self-sufficiency in adult life In a report that included nearly 3,000 adults from Denmark, a diagnosis of meningococcal, pneumococcal, or Haemophilus influenzae meningitis in childhood was associated with lower educational achievement and financial self-sufficiency in adult life, in the April 24 problem of JAMA according to a study. Bacterial meningitis might trigger brain damage because of several factors, and survivors of childhood bacterial meningitis are in particular risk of hearing loss, seizure disorders, engine deficits, and cognitive impairment. Learning disabilities are well documented because of the disease. To our knowledge, no previous research has examined working in adult existence among individuals diagnosed as having bacterial meningitis in childhood, the authors create. Continue reading