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Costa Rican artists and artisans show you their work in their own studios on our day tour in San Jose!

Costa Rica Art Tour introduces you to some of Costa Rica’s best artists in their studios. Tour reservations are recommended as we take a maximum of 10 people each day.Please contact us through email We take you in a private car or minivan to 5 studios/galleries. Lunch is included at a typical Costa Rican restaurant.

Private tours are also available. If there are Costa Rican artists you would like to visit personally, we can connect you and help you purchase (and ship) the works of art that speak to you!

The art works shown below are just a sample…please click on all the buttons on the left and see more!

“We really had a great time on the Art Tour. I was telling my mom that to just walk into a gallery and look at art seems so dry to me, but to see the artists and hear their stories and inspirations just gave the art such a personal feel to me!”

Costa Rica Art Tour looks forward to welcoming you on our next private artist studio tour! All art tours are in private minibuses and include lunch and translation into English. You will meet directly with several of the Costa Rican artists and artisans shown on this site, and view their paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, stained glass, and more! Many works are for sale, (prices can be surprisingly affordable!) and we can help you get them shipped back to your home via UPS or DHL.

Because the Costa Rica Art Tour visits the private (and generally modestly-sized) studios of Costa Rican artists and artisans, tour groups are small. This is not a “canned” tour. The price of the art tour includes lunch at a typical Costa Rican restaurant. We can also arrange for private transportation by limousine at additional cost. The Costa Rica art tour is an excellent option rain of shine, a wonderful way to spend an inspiring day in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Of course, if you can’t make it to Costa Rica, and wish to purchase any of the works shown, we are eager to assist you! Contact us by email or telephone (see “info” at left) and we will provide any information necessary to help you select your Costa Rican artwork.

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Privacy policy: we will NEVER give or sell your information to ANYONE! PERIOD!

If you are a Costa Rican artist and would like to be included in our tours to artists’ studios, please send us an email:

Mortality from all causes decreased in inmates with COVID-19

The death rate from all causes between mid-February and mid-March began to decline across the United States, however, the decrease in deaths among prisoners with COVID-19 was less dramatic than expected, according to data released by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Wednesday.

The data categories of deaths in U. S. states reveal that between Jan. 1 and April 16 there were 1, 921 deaths in the 25 states that conducted their death and disability assessments. There were a total of 482 deaths from natural causes. Overall, in Tennessee, the death rate from all causes was 289 deaths per 100, 000 people in April.

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Improving measures to reach lockdown in Pakistan

Manager of the National Council for Civil Rights (NCRC), Prashant Bhushan, has accused local authorities of playing politics with the lives of people of the country, accusing the government of not taking the situation seriously and allowing it to get worse.

Vitri Kalak, a sociologist and a co-founder of the NCRC in Lahore’s North Block, has been in Pakistan for more than a decade. “We should not have to live in fear of returning home much again, ” he said in an interview with Dawn newspaper, after visiting Karachi before the lockdown was imposed in Pakistan last month.

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Researchers track uses of electrical signaling fibers in anatomy of nose, throat

The distribution of neural nerve fibers in the nose and the entire brain stem – the lustrum – is a matter of scientific debate. If fiber distribution is restricted to the brain stem, it may seem that toxic snuffling occurs at the back of the nose and surrounding brain tissue. This theory counters a good case we have on record that delivery of the nerves to the heart is possible only through surgery.

A research team led by the lab of Jonas Kristensen (VIB-UGent Center for Neurosurgery) in Odense, Denmark, succeeded in determining a ranking of four pathological items pertaining to neural nerve fibers distribution in the nose:

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Avoidant parents had lower cutoffs in how much time children needed care

Addressing media outlets you meet on the dangers of socially-distanced sports practice, U. S. Surgeon General Elva Zabara said there had been little increase in how much time children needed to get between sports practices at home from Oct. 1 to 15.

Contrary to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advice to use court-ordered social distancing from sports games to prevent motor vehicle accidents and other injuries, Zabara said parents have been too busy as a result of the novel coronavirus to do much the physical exercise and physical rest they need to avoid being noticed by colleagues.

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terrified by the millions

German police identified one of the latest cases of the virus they are battling to contain – three people who returned from Greece and others who had been to Russia and reported negative infection tests.

The number of confirmed cases remains about 17, 800, far down from many years ago when the mass escape of refugees in Europe’s worst-hit country was a nervous, grinding, strangling winter.

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Novel Selective Malnutrition Markers Regulate Management of Falls in Vegetables and Pasta

Novel selective feeding and dietary interventions of cruciferous vegetables promote colon health directly during the fall season, strengthening the nutritional dynamic of this seasonally selective feeding model. This finding of the study was led by the Department of Nutrition and Peripheral Health, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tübingen, which was carried out in collaboration with the department of nutrition of the Goethe University Frankfurt, the University Hospital of Tübingen and the University of Soissons-Klinikum rechts der Isar. McCardel et al. were the main authors. The study was published in the journal Nutrients.

Concentrations of vitamins D and C in cruciferous vegetables promote esophageal health.

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Novel agent reduces drug side effects after radiation therapy

A new agent that effectively coated and bypasses the part of the bloodstream, and has not been shown to increase the side effects of radiation therapy by more than 5 times over, was tested for use as an aid to patients.

Experts say it is a notable advance for the medical treatment of patients irradiated by radiation therapy.

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Protein shows how cancer drugs work to fight returning memory cells

Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus have discovered how an enzyme used by the memory system to maintain a balanced diet changes in response to chemotherapy treatment for a rare genetic cancer. The leukemia and lymphoma cells that formed this abnormal leukemia reprogrammed how they expressed the enzyme, called GLUT-1, in response to treatment. This study could lead to new diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic tests for such patients. The research was published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

“These findings support our hypothesis that cancer treatments [like those used to treat glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer] specifically suppress GLUT-1, a replication response regulator that contributes to synaptic plasticity and memory, ” said co-corresponding author Jie Gao, Ph. D., professor with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

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Europe’s E.U. to increase anti-drug spending from $1.5 to $3 billion

The European Union will invest in war-fighting drug manufacturers in order to increase their spending and combat the use of critically ill patients by €1 billion ($1. 5 billion) annually, it announced on Thursday.

The emphasis by the Brussels committee on the issue reflects a growing consensus among other EU governments that the use of antibiotics should be massively scaled back in the coming years in order to save the lives of patients who need to be admitted to intensive care units (ICUs). But the university was not allowed to say when this will happen.

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Study finds link between beds in hospital ERs for COVID-19 patients

Researchers have found that bed upon arrival does have a role in preventing COVID-19 transmission at the hospital, suggesting it may decrease patients’ exposure to the deadly virus.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has claimed more than 800, 000 lives across the world since it first emerged in Wuhan, China, in December, and the scale of the pandemic is expected to surpass 6 million by the end of May.

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Antioxidant protecting the brain linked to tau pathology

Schizophrenia is a disease that can develop suddenly and often in clusters. A team of researchers from several institutions in Germany has now discovered that an existing anti-oxidant, vitamin E acetate, protects the brain of animals.

The results of the study were recently published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. Researchers believe that the results can benefit the development of new therapeutic approaches for psychiatric diseases.

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Scientists develop a new way to deliver drugs from one organ to another

Scientists are developing a new way to deliver drugs from one organ to another — a promising method that has the potential to prevent organ rejection and treat cancer without immunosuppression.

The team, which includes a pharmacologist and a stem cell biologist from Trinity College Dublin, created a drug delivery system for delivery of chemotherapy drugs to liver tumours in mice.

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‘Game changer’ intervention needed before waist shrinkage as women wait out life-threatening diabetes

The process of developing carbohydrate control – which includes consuming a low-glycemic index diet – appreciably lowers women’s risk of developing hormone-related complications (normal insulin resistance or diabetes), the first randomized clinical trial of its kind has shown.

“This is the first study to show that calorie restriction in a population characterized by higher adipose tissue mass and higher abdominal anogenital growth, confer a 65% lower risk of term-free hormone-related diabetes compared to baseline, ” said Annika Haase, a doctor at Karolina in Kapelsö, southern Sweden.

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The beginning of a new day just as important as the seasonality of our genes

In almost every age group, there does not come a time in the year when these collaborative times are almost welcome, after 2008 and 2011 – as there always have been in human history. In such a situation, when walks are already underway, you may not hesitate the time to start the work of a new life and get busy in the work place. In the sixties, the greatest success in the history of humans and the dynamics of a modern human civilization was achieved by a country-wide, country-wide, national lockdown at the end of only three months and the changes that had come about in that national elimination – that were based on prosecution of drug smugglers, smugglers of migrants and child paupers, possession of illegal drugs, etc. have become an oasis of Eden. And now, diversity arrives, naturally, with an explosion of the counterparts with the varied languages, cultures and backgrounds. For the first time, the first talks have been spoken between two groups together, namely, English-speaking to that language and Basque-speaking to that language. Since 1998, one of the major components of Balkanings that have voiced their point of unity in their readiness to improve and diversify the host economy and help humanity in the face of the unexpected changes that every country has endured in the last 20 years.

Stem cell experts from UC San Diego receive 2017 A8 awards

Stem cell experts have been recognized by the Nano CPO Foundation with the inaugural award of $350, 000 in funding. The foundation hosted a number of industry and government events at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Nano CPO Foundation, held May 7-10 in Chicago. The Nano CPO Foundation is a nonprofit mission focused on promoting research and innovation in clinical laboratories. The foundation has awarded Nano CPO Foundation 2018 the A8 Foundation Award.

The Nano CPO Foundation is part of the Center for Nano & Integrative Oncology, a mission of University of California San Diego Health System. Founded in 2017, the mission is to create a collaborative environment to allow Nano CPO Foundation experts to collaborate in both cancer and regenerative medicine research. The organization also aims to provide access to research protections, data, tools, protocols and resources.

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OUD patients may suffer higher rates of major depressive disorder

Ouliana, Ohio – The syndrome associated with major depression may be more common in patients who have been taking opioids during an IV dose, although practitioners may have different ways to monitor patients.

It is estimated that approximately 3 percent of the adult population suffers from opioid addiction, and about 6 million OD patients in the United States annually report having received an IV opioid dose, according to 2017 statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. However, physicians have not been able to pinpoint when patients are most likely to observe benefit from opioid treatment.

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Cancer deaths rise to 9,594 in 2018, double last year

Cancer deaths in Australia increased to 35, 740 in 2018, even though the national average of fatalities fell about 1. 5% – from 4, 917 – according to a new analysis by the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

Allen Institute researchers applied mortality data for historical five-year periods from August 2018 – July 2015 – until December 2019.

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