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Guest comments

“My trip was fantastic in the sense that we saw excellent works of art as well as talked with the actual artists! A chance to not only visually see some of the best Costa Rican art, but to understand it from the artist´s perspective-sometimes even to the point of having the artist explain (demonstrate) the method! Anyone interested in art or even just interested in getting to know Costa Rican artists will love this adventure.”

Nancy Tarr Atlanta, Georgia

“I went with the Wednesday art tour around San Jose with Molly and was delighted and amazed to not only meet these spectacular artists, but talk with them about their work, about art in general and see their art in their studios…it was lovely to have Molly translate for all of us on the tour when our artists only spoke Spanish and we mostly only spoke English, but even if we didn’t have any language with which to share our thoughts, the art work itself did the communicating for us. This was truly, some of the most creative, professional, whimsical, colorful, engaging work I’ve seen, and we were treated to a beautiful variety of different modes and styles be it oil painting, acrylics, print making, watercolor, stained glass or sculpture…this was the highlight of my getting to know Costa Rica, and it’s one of it’s best kept secrets! Don’t miss this rare and fabulous experience.”

Lynne Aune, November, 2004

“Your wonderful tour was most delightful. I very much enjoyed my day visiting the artist in their studios. I was very impressed with the high quality of work that I witnessed, but even more with the warmth and willingness of the artists to share with us their techniques. You made it a fun day with your infectious laughter and knowledgeable comments. Thanks!”

Sharon van den Berg

Artist, Fashion Designer

January 2005