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Sudoku Pu Hao Receives Outstanding Fellowship From the Earl Galbraith Foundation

DETROIT – July 1, 2018 — Sudoku Pu Hao, PhD, UW’s Assistant Professor of Psychiatry’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Inova Health Informatics, Inc., collaboration with Carl Albert Plus LLP, has been initiated for a term of ten years. The fellowship will phase 3 (across four years) and will give him the chance to advance through the peer-reviewing pipeline and serve as the newest graduate and bachelor of pharmacy trainees at The University of Michigan.

“The ability to be recognized and thrive is a joy, especially for a physician-scientist who could end up creating a breakthrough that could dramatically change the direction of medicine, ” said Pu Hao, who is one of 15 fellows selected by Inova Health, Inc., a Michigan-based nonprofit that works with nonprofit organizations in clinical addiction and mental health care to expand access to treatment and research education.

“I’m so excited to be part of this amazing team and to be recognized as one of the 15 cosponsors, ” said Pu Hao, who is a neuroscientist in the Osteoporosis & Neurosurgery Department at Michigan Medicine. “I love collaborating with scholars and clinicians, particularly those who share my passion for disease discovery. ”

Pu Hao has been honored by Erie Canal Development Trust as a Post Master Merit Fellow by the U. S. Navy. Along with four outstanding faculty members, Pu Hao was the first-ever recipient of a BJCEND Fellow Award by the Foundation of the Honor & Daring Do medal tradition in University Hospitals Detroit Medical Center’s Department of Neurosurgery. “I feel privileged and honored to have been recognized with such high marks such as the BJCEND for helping to foster the growth and development of an exceptional research population, ” said Pu Hao.

“I am grateful to Inova Health in particular for facilitating my resilience through their unrivaled talent, generosity and commitment to support a range of programs and support programs that extend well beyond academic training programs, ” said Pu Hao. “I look forward each day to collaborating with them in areas that are most important for me, in order to contribute positively to the future of people living with mental ill health in the greater Detroit community. ”

Pu Hao is the senior author of the peer-reviewed, editorial-ready science open-access journal Neuropsychopharmacology: Beyond the Brain, which published in 2016. In 2016, Osborn, Inc., a subsidiary of Inova Health, awarded Pu Hao the In Honorary Prize in Medicine. “Innovative public and private-public partnerships across the West Coast and in the Bay Area to support our educational programs in Oakland, California, have allowed us to expand our reach. Pu Hao’s work has skyrocketed, and this will be his last year of medical school. ”