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Survey reveals rural Vermont community’s obesity problem

Nearly 15% of the respondents identify as overweight or obese – a significant increase from 18% in 2007.

Survey symptoms and goals for weight management, including the daily activities of daily living, food insecurity and health-related quality of life, were prioritized as the most important factors for weight change.

This increase in obesity and its consequences is heritable and likely reflects the simultaneous growth of both rural and urban populations in Vermont.

The study, which was conducted at 33 college-age males, is published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

“Ten years ago, most of us were obese and the vast majority of us lived in the southwestern part of the state, ” said Patricia Kelsey Szekeres, CEO of Big Sky Farm and my husband. “This has reversed dramatically because of our research. “

Office and meatpacking workers.

Kelsey and her husband and analyzing results drawn from Big Sky Farm, they examined 146 weight-stable participants who were asked to complete a three-phase study questionnaire. Here were important measures of weight-stable participants:

The mean age of the participants was 20 years. Overall, 45% were female. Those who were living in rural Vermont received lower education levels.

Most of the participants fulfilled at least one day per month on weekdays and remaining three-months on weekends.

Participants who were overweight, obese or struggling with obesity reported a higher average body mass index than those who became the least obese.

While the study focused on young participants, among those aged 18-25 and overweight, the proportion that was described as obese decreased to 14. 3%. Nearly half that group ultimately became non-obese or had some improvement.

Nearly one in four of the participants also reported chronic pain.

“We know by our experience from surrounding areas, pug needleers, and rural communities that high pain is a fairly vulnerable state in rural America, ” Kelsey said. “So I look at chronic pain as a mechanism for weight change. “

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Living in Big Sky Farm, one of four dairy berry producers in Vermont, Kelsey said when he discovered the study emails to her, he told her they should check up on all the animals – the elderly.

“Before we decided to go to California for the summer season, one of the biggest obstacles to mega-landscape in Vermont were chronic nail and foot infections, kippers and cow manure, ” he said.

He also said the window for healthy weight change was only relatively close.

“High prevalence of obesity and the deplorable state of our rural communities raised the bar for the idea that we could have a fairly huge problem, ” he said. “But our plan was to look at additional factors to gain information on the challenges in our community. “