Citizens sue to restore their Second Amendment rights in Colorado.

‘They are trying to legislate utopia. They believe passing a regulation and putting up these magical ‘gun-free zones’ will continue to work,’ he told Miller. ‘But it’s just an invitation for a killer to come in because you will see no resistance.’ Notes Miller: ‘The elements of the law that went into impact immediately include government background checks for private gun transfers and bans on an additional 100 firearms models deemed ‘assault weapons’ for having certain cosmetic features and ammunition periodicals that may hold more than 10 rounds.’ Wilson went on to indicate the futility of magazine and bullet restrictions: ‘Anyone who walks into a classroom with mags of 10 rounds will just as easily destroy – it’s just a couple of seconds different than what Adam Lanza do.’ Membership in Wilson’s business, begun in 2009 2009, exploded after the Sandy Hook shootings , rising from about 2,500 members to more than 7,700 today.Capitol Hill: Upton to business lead energy and commerce; Dems unveil spending budget bill, Senate considers 9/11 worker health bill The race for an integral GOP leadership position appears to be settled. The Hill: Rep. Fred Upton ‘is normally in position to become the next chairman of the powerful Home Committee on Commerce and Energy,’ which sets him in ‘an enviable position for any House Republican, as he will lead efforts to investigate, repeal and replace the new health care reform regulation.’ Upton received the endorsement of the Republican steering committee Tuesday evening . Detroit Free of charge Press: ‘In a statement from his office on Tuesday, Upton stated he remains committed to ‘the combat to repeal’ healthcare reform enacted this season and slicing spending and regulations.