According to an Ashoka news release.

The video features the continuing story of animated lab heroes Mary and Mason. Viewing this funny video you shall find out about how INTEGRA 10ml, 25ml and 100ml Multichannel reagent reservoirs are created to nest inside one another, to be able to get doubly many reservoirs in two the area of other products, reducing inventory space requirements and delivery costs. Unlike traditional reservoirs which have hard to observe graduations moulded in to the plastic straight, INTEGRA reservoirs are constructed with superior polystyrene and match a reusable foundation with bold, crisp, visible graduation markings clearly.As a result, scientists might need to take not only the cells but also the mucus into consideration when trying to understand what can cause chronic sinus infections and probably other airway diseases. The findings could change the way chronic sinus infection is treated significantly, according to Dr. Ponikau. It has far-reaching implications, says Dr. Ponikau. This suggests an advantageous effect in remedies that target primarily the underlying and presumably damage-inflicting nasal and sinus membrane irritation, instead of the secondary bacterial illness that is the primary target of remedies for the disease.