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We believe Bayer can be well positioned to consider our leading brands to another level. Schiff produced net product sales of US$259 million (approx. On 18 September, 2012, Schiff publicly announced that net product sales for fiscal year 2013 had been projected to grow between 43 and 46 %. The products complement Bayer's existing OTC portfolio and can let it provide customers with a broad selection of options in these essential segments..Apert’s syndrome is due to one of two simple switches on a gene located in a man’s sperm. But geneticists have puzzled over why Apert’s syndrome occurs 100 to 1000 times more often than would be anticipated from random, spontaneous duplicate errors. Thanks to a method developed by Arnheim’s lab that divides the testis into about 200 devices, the scientists noticed that cells with mutated DNA are clustered in particular areas, than distributed evenly rather, as would be anticipated if the copy errors simply occurred more often. While the researchers have observed this before, this research is the first to test both Apert’s syndrome mutations in testes from both youthful and old individuals in this way.