China bypasses Big Pharma patents.

Verbruggen participated in a recent drug gain access to workshop hosted by the US where Chinese officials described the changes to their country’s patent laws. ‘China is considering further strengthening its legal framework, in order to utilize legal space to produce generic drugs. China’s actions plan at the workshop appeared to confirm that it intends to become a generic producer for the domestic and worldwide market.’ China programs to export generic variations of patented drugsWhat this means is that China will have the opportunity to produce low-cost, generic versions of patented drugs, and export them to other countries, including to America. Expensive drugs like the cancer drug tenofovir , for example, could soon become available as a much-cheaper ‘copy’ of the original.In a paper that made an appearance Dec. 20 in the journal PLoS ONE, a University of California, Berkeley, physicist and co-workers from the University of Minnesota and Oxford University in britain explain two improvements that enable full three-dimensional human brain scans in under half a second, of the normal 2-3 3 seconds instead. When we produced the first pictures, it had been unbelievable how fast we had been going, said first writer David Feinberg, a physicist and adjunct professor in UC Berkeley’s Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute and president of the business Advanced MRI Technology in Sebastopol, Calif.