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Today announced excellent results from a Stage 2b scientific trial of CVT-301.

All dosages of CVT-301 were safe and well-tolerated, and the CVT-301 inhaler was also been shown to be very easily employed by Parkinson's disease individuals in the OFF state. Patients today live with the truth that their oral medications could fail them at at any time, said Dr. Karl Kieburtz, the Robert J. Joynt Professor of Neurology, University of Rochester, president of Clintrex LLC and a known person in the Civitas Scientific Advisory Plank. By giving rapid onset and dependable relief using levodopa, the standard of treatment and backbone of sufferers' therapy, in a simple patient-friendly device, CVT-301 gets the potential to usher in a fresh paradigm in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.5th Circuit Courtroom in New Orleans stayed a lower judge’s ruling although it considers the overall constitutionality of key portions of Texas’ sweeping 2013 abortion legislation, which Republican Gov. Rick Perry and other conservatives say is designed to protect women’s health. The trial in Texas is the latest battle over tough fresh abortion restrictions sweeping across the U.S. The functioning office of Texas Lawyer General Greg Abbott, in November a Republican who’s the favorite to become governor, is leading the defense of the law. Clinics call the measure a backdoor work to outlaw abortions, which has been a constitutional right because the Roe v.