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The spiders hunting net is built from several different proteins.

At the 1st stage of the project , the researchers centered on obtaining spidroin-1. The problem is that the structure of this protein has not been fully decoded, and the international data source will not contain its total amino acid sequence. Only fragments are available there. But the experts decided to try and utilize the known fragment for the gene synthesis and finding a recombinant proteins. They succeeded in synthesizing the gene that codes the spidroin-1fragment, its size producing 400 pairs of nucleotides.The usage of milk with loaf of bread and honey can be a wholesome option for the youngsters and toddlers. It must be dipped and permitted to soak. This can be coupled with nuts for positive results also. It helps to supply essential nutrients to your body as it assists the toddlers to obtain proteins and important vitamins. It is among the healthy meals for toddlers. The usage of semolina with milk and strawberries and apples is safe and healthful for the toddlers. It helps to supply vitamins and minerals through the fruits normally. It is among the excellent sweet meals for toddlers. The usage of corn flour, milk and honey with juice mash is ideal nice dish for the small children and toddlers.