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Cinnamon challenge provides potential to be deadly Have you heard of the cinnamon challenge?

Robert Glatter, emergency medicine physician at Lenox Hill Medical center in NEW YORK, tells HeathPop. ‘Choking can aspirate the powder into your upper airways and small passages of your lung area. It could cause an inflammatory response.’ It doesn’t help that folks sensationalize the stunt on movies like YouTube. Glatter says that lots of people get a ‘excitement’ out of attempting such difficult tasks, but don’t realize that they are marketing the dangers that come with it.Some might state that any recognized who knowingly accepted $800,000 in bribes from drug companies while working the country’s top drug approval company was engaged in this egregious crime that it obviously crossed the collection and deserved a swift and aggressive response. I’m just wondering why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration didn’t offer the guy employment and secretly smuggle him out of China. If he can work a corrupt regulatory company, and he’s utilized to taking money from drug companies, he’d fit right in with the American FDA! They could use another evil bureaucrat like that around here! As usual, the press misses the real storyWhat’s really interesting about the press insurance of China’s execution is definitely that virtually no one has bothered to call for arresting and prosecuting corrupt FDA officials in the usa.