First-responders and nurses who all worked so hard to save lots of lives in the Boston Marathon.

My very own personal life, I am through cancer, I dropped a young child, I am through divorce, I’ve steel knees – – I am through plenty of personal stuff in my own life. In 1998 Means founded the nonprofit Females of Means. Her group of 16 volunteer doctors provides free health care to females at homeless shelters around the town. They average ten thousand visits a complete year. It’s not something, it’s a offering of human being kindness to individuals who just need to end up being acknowledged and validated and valued, she said.She also goes out of her way to help underprivileged families and terminally ill cancer patients regularly. Esther Rotter : When Esther's husband, Steven, experienced several strokes and was diagnosed with CNS lupus, which forced him to give up his thriving law practice, she unconditionally continued to love him. Throughout more than 30 years of marriage, Esther supported him as not only his wife, but as speech therapist, counselor, best friend, and so much more. Dealing with everything from Steven's pericarditis and optic neuritis to bladder cancer and other health issues, Esther has provided Steven with a full life full of love, just as he has done for her. Antonia Salvador : Antonia's daughter Vanessa was born with brittle bone disease, and doctors said she wouldn't live for more than four months.