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Boycott Monsanto!

Boycott Monsanto! Reside in the Backyard of Eden with fruit and veggies grown from organic heirloom seeds Rather than nurturing humanity through education, healthy eating, organic planting and medicine historic organic heirloom fruit and veggies, the Evil Empire of Monsanto and the many committees of the existing American administration seem focused on their GMO agenda of overtaking the farming and agricultural industries world-wide. Wrecking havoc one plant at the same time, it is today known that 90 to 95 % of the world’s heirloom seeds are actually extinct; and, what’s remaining are bioengineered plants in charge of promoting deadly illnesses; famines because of non-sustainability; modified genetics in plants, humans and animals, and decimated agricultural economies around the world urologie .

Amateur boxing has already established a proud and honourable background since its intro as an Olympic sport in 686 BC. Although progressive rule adjustments in the past 200 years have produced the activity fairer and safer, the essential aim continues to be the disablement of an opponent by inflicting harm to his human brain. The gold standard continues to be the knockout blow, caused by cerebral contusion or even worse.