says Tom Herzog.

Cerner clients now have usage of a broader suite of solutions and authorized integration for dose monitoring from compounding to delivery. ‘The contract expands our providing and positions Cerner to continue increasing interoperability over the medication procedure,’ says Tom Herzog, Cerner vice president, IT and medical device technologies. Their interoperability will reduce drug waste and improve communication about patient doses between pharmacy and nursing.’ The Cerner partnership will allow health systems to boost their IV room automation by integrating DoseEdge technology with Cerner solutions to generate a closed-loop program for medication preparation, delivery and management.During the past quarter, we continued to get heavily in R&D, which consumed 5 percent of total revenue, to be able to upgrade our existing products and develop fresh proprietary items to lay a good foundation for AOBO’s near term and very long term growth. In the meantime, we continuing to fortify our marketplace position, strengthen our presence in rural areas, and diversify our business operations through cost control, advertising campaigns, and sales network growth. We are self-confident that we will achieve initial achievement from the above mixed attempts in the latter part of this year.’.. ChanTest announces Phase II SBIR grant to optimize cardiomyocyte-based assays ChanTest, the leading CRO professional in ion stations and nonclinical cardiac safety assessment, announces funding of a Phase II SBIR grant.