Bionic eye restores view to blind man ANN ARBOR.

Bionic eye restores view to blind man ANN ARBOR, Mich ?meldonium dosage . – – A degenerative eyesight disease robbed Roger Pontz of his eyesight slowly. Identified as having retinitis pigmentosa as an adolescent, Pontz has been nearly completely blind for a long time. Now, because of a high-tech method that involved the medical implantation of a bionic eye, he’s regained plenty of of his eyesight to capture little glimpses of his wife, cat and grandson. It’s awesome. It’s interesting – seeing something new each day, Pontz said throughout a latest appointment at the University of Michigan Kellogg Attention Center. The 55-year-old previous competitive weightlifter and factory employee is among four people in the U.S.

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