Among the worlds largest recipients of development aid.

One in four of those women receive medicines from a foundation-supported program. The article also examines the foundation’s work to increase the number of medicines labeled for use in kids. The profiled couple, Bill and Susan Belfiore, used four HIV-positive toddlers in from Romania 1991 and, after getting help from the foundation, have given or elevated more than half a million dollars because of its services . Eastern Myanmar Facing ‘Dire’ Health Conditions, Report Says [H]ealth conditions in conflict-affected eastern Myanmar are dire, with kids and women suffering most, according to a new report by NGOs, like the country’s Back Pack Health Worker Team , IRIN reports. Eastern Myanmar had significantly worse health indicators than the country overall.Recently, there has been an increase in reported outbreaks of foodborne disease due to bacterial species known as Vibrio, which are usually associated with the consumption of seafood – oysters that are often eaten raw especially. The new Codex measures will help to minimize the risks. AflatoxinsMaximum levels of 10 micrograms/kg were set for aflatoxins in Brazil nuts and 15 micrograms/kg for shelled Brazil nuts , as the Commission adopted a code of practice to avoid this contamination also. Aflatoxins are carcinogenic fungal toxins that may contaminate corn, peanuts and various other meals crops such as for example tree nuts under certain conditions. New solutions to determine meals contentThe methods used for analysis and sampling will be the required basis for food inspection and control.