Arrests in Ga.

And movement on the proposal to increase Medicaid in Virginia – – The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Warner Says He'll Support Bipartisan Marketplace Virginia Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., is certainly urging lawmakers in Richmond to find a compromise on Medicaid growth and pledged to back the bipartisan Marketplace Virginia plan which has emerged in the state Senate. ‘If Virginia passes a Virginia-centric plan, I would support at a federal government level obtaining the appropriate waivers,tuesday in Richmond ‘ Warner said within an interview, where he fulfilled with students, college and educators graduates to go over college affordability issues. Warner, who is up for re-election this season, also reiterated his support for an increase in the minimum wage and for seeking alternative energy resources while finding cleaner ways to burn coal .The researchers say the results highlight the need for parents and doctors to avoid and deal with cardiovascular risk factors in children. They believe diet and exercise are essential to curb the escalating issue of childhood obesity especially. Piran says obesity puts children at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes and raised chlesterol levels and kids are eating an excessive amount of fatty and processed foods. Piran advises that parents need to involve their kids in regular physical exercise activities and cut down on fatty meals, emphasizing healthful food such as for example vegetables, not smoke cigarettes in the presence of children and, if there’s a family history of raised chlesterol, children need to have their cholesterol levels checked.