PRESS RELEASE Stamford, Conn. – Oct canadian pharmacy . 14, 2014 – Cardinal Health recently donated more than 1 million items to AmeriCares Emergency Response Program to help contain the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The company, a leading producer of medical and medical items headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, recently donated more than 500,000 protective masks, 100 nearly,000 gowns, 76,000 biohazard bags and 21,000 protective shoe addresses for frontline health workers fighting the epidemic. AmeriCares has delivered eight shipments to Liberia and Sierra Leone valued at more than $1 million in response to the Ebola outbreak – the worst ever sold. More help deliveries are prepared in the arriving weeks. Health employees in West Africa risk their lives every day by likely to work just, said AmeriCares President and CEO Michael J.

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Buckwild production suspended following Shain Gandee’s death Shain Gandee’s death: Carbon monoxide poisoning emerges as you possible theory Buckwild superstar Shain Gandee found dead When people inhale an excessive amount of CO, it prevents your body from using oxygen carried by red bloodstream cells. CO binds to hemoglobin – – a protein in debt bloodstream cells that transports oxygen – – 240 times even more powerfully than normal. This prevents the oxygen carried on the hemoglobin from arriving off, resulting in the heart muscles not really obtaining the oxygen they need. Over time, this can cause cardiac accidental injuries like heart attacks. Why is CO so dangerous could it be is tasteless and odorless, and several people can’t tell if they are encircled by the fumes.