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Army of the 12 monkeys?

Army of the 12 monkeys? 40 psychiatric sufferers escape hospital Africa’s only open public psychiatric facility resembled a picture out of the movie 12 Monkeys recently whenever a group of mental individuals banded together to overtake the facility’s guards and escape. According to reviews, 40 male patients withdrew, if you will, from the Mathari Mental Hospital in Kenya because the psychiatric drugs they were being forcibly given had been ‘ineffective.’ The Associated Press reports that at least 70 male patients made a decision to overpower the guards, but just 40 of them were able to escape generique-ou-marque.html .

PICTURES: 2011 Calendar year in Review: Health A few of the top tales from this past year looked at amazing medical procedures, like the marathon separation surgeries of conjoined twins or the groundbreaking operations that gave three People in america new faces. Some stories challenged long-held beliefs, questioning the advantages of everyday parts of life like circumcision seemingly, cellphones, multivitamins, and vaccines. Others raised provocative queries that angered some public people, such as for example should morbidly obese children be positioned into foster care? or should ladies of all ages be permitted to choose the morning-after pill? Some stories Then, like Serene Branson’s televised stroke scare , raised eyebrows while increasing awareness also.