The American College of Doctors and Cientis Systems.

AmericanEHR Partners Program introduced to help doctors compare EHR systems AmericanEHR Partners Program announced by ACP and Cientis TechnologiesA collaboration developing a new Web site to help medical practitioners compare electronic health records systems was announced today by its founding companions, the American College of Doctors and Cientis Systems. The free, web-based resource, the AmericanEHR Partners Program, will help healthcare professionals compare, evaluate, go for and understand how to use certified EHR systems effectively. ‘The objective of AmericanEHR Companions is to provide a credible, easy-to-use nationwide resource for doctors who are selecting, implementing or using an EHR,’ stated Dr Levitra-varje-dag.html .

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For example, they found that American heart sufferers receive blood transfusions 84 % more regularly than Europeans and 38 % more often than Asians after receiving the same remedies. These findings are important, the experts said, because research conducted in the last several years at Duke and somewhere else has found that the use of blood transfusions might not be as beneficial nor as benign as once believed, the Duke experts said. There is significant worldwide variation in bleeding and transfusion prices among the heart patients we studied, stated Duke cardiologist Sunil Rao, M.D., who presented the full total results of the analysis Nov.