000 guys in the United States with the condition who are being treated with ADT.

At several points through the study, measurements were taken for sex steroid levels, bone turnover markers and bone mineral density. Furthermore, experts used three-dimensional high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography to assess bone microarchitecture. This technology allows researchers to take virtual bone biopsies, according to Grossmann. ‘Sex steroid deficiency induced by ADT for prostate cancer outcomes in microarchitectural decay,’ said Grossmann. ‘Bone fragility in these men could be more closely associated with testosterone than estradiol deficiency.’ Other researchers focusing on the study include: A. Ghasem-Zadeh, E. Gianatti, D. Lim-Joon, D. Bolton, R. Zebaze, E. J and Seeman.D. Zajac of the University of Melbourne in Australia.‘The rigorous research methods and international scope of the randomized trial provides very strong evidence against the use of amnioinfusion, and the email address details are likely to have a major effect on childbirth practices around the world.’ Meconium aspiration syndrome occurs whenever a newborn inhales a mixture of meconium and amniotic liquid during labor and delivery. Meconium is the material that fills the fetal digestive tract during pregnancy and is produced from ingested amniotic liquid and dead intestinal cells.