Bottled tea contains much less antioxidants.

He is an organic and analytical item chemist at WellGen, Inc., a biotechnology organization in North Brunswick, N.J., that discovers and develops medical foods for individuals with illnesses, including a proprietary dark tea product which will be marketed because of its anti-inflammatory benefits, which are credited partly to a higher polyphenol content. Li and co-workers measured the known degree of polyphenols – several natural antioxidants associated with anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic properties – of six brands of tea bought from supermarkets.Arm liposuction: Hands outstretched in search of it’s know how Bingo wings, a term used to spell it out bulky arms that men and women possess is a common trigger for discomfort and more and more people are appearing out of their inhibitions to get an arm liposuction to get a leaner, more proportionate appearance. Getting an arm liposuction in London and many other regions of the United Kingdom is now quite worthwhile with several cosmetic clinics proclaiming their efficacy into providing and reputing this particular surgical procedure. Yet still it could not be a walk in the park for all, for first time seeking patients especially.