TSMC certified the various tools for 20 nm design guideline manuals and SPICE models.

TSMC certified the various tools for 20 nm design guideline manuals and SPICE models. Early adopters are employing the various tools and flows while close collaboration continues between TSMC, ANSYS, Apache and designers http://dapoxetineuk.com/reviews.html . RedHawk addresses electromigration by providing current direction-conscious also, metal topology-conscious and temperature-aware checks as well as expanded capabilities to aid TSMC’s 20 nm electromigration guidelines. Totem provides full-chip, layout-centered noise and power analysis for analog and mixed-signal designs. In addition, ANSYS technologies interface with TSMC’s 3D-IC flow to provide accurate thermal profiles through iterative evaluation of power maps and boundary conditions. Apache delivers innovative solutions that address power, dependability and noise difficulties for the most advanced process nodes and emerging style technologies, stated Andrew Yang, president of Apache, a subsidiary of ANSYS.


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