Careless practices requires a heavy toll on American lives.

Careless practices requires a heavy toll on American lives, says President of SAVE THE INDIVIDUAL The following is a statement by Lenore Janecek, President, SAVE THE INDIVIDUAL: Is anyone listening? As this debate rages on about medical reform, patient safety organizations, those of us at the front each and every day, we usually do not hear about what is going on to the folks from the senseless healthcare devastation throughout our nation right now. Two million people in the U suhagra .S. Died needlessly in the past ten years from preventable medical error and 200,000 more folks will die this season unnecessarily because fifty % of the medical community won’t be cleaning their hands, or their apparatus, or taking out catheters, or operating on the right body part, or handing out the right medicines, or infecting the sufferers with germs they possess brought from medical center clothes worn out in the streets.

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