Roger Hardy, CEO and Founder of, said: ‘Right now there are approximately 560 million people all over the world who suffer from the consequences of poor vision because they don’t have access to affordable eyeglasses. Many of these people will see an instantaneous improvement within their lives simply by receiving a pair of eyeglasses; something many of us take for granted. ‘Our goal as a company is to change the way that folks purchase eyewear and as leaders in a growing online eyeglasses retail sector we believe that we also have a responsibility to give something back again to those in need of the most basic vision care.This variant included in the patent issued to Epidauros, C3435T, may be the most common variant of MDR1, occurring in around 50 percent of Caucasians and in 20 percent and 40 percent of individuals of African and Asian descent, respectively. C3435T is area of the newly launched Affymetrix Medication Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporter Early Access solution, currently the world's most in depth method for assaying the genetics of medication rate of metabolism. ‘The issuance of the European patent for MDR1 and its use within a fresh standardized panel for routine pharmacokinetic evaluation are essential milestones in this work.