New analysis of data from the 2008 Specular Microscopy Ancillary Research.

CDS Investigator Group identifies a fresh predictor for successful corneal transplant A fresh predictor of cornea transplant success has been identified by the Cornea Donor Research Investigator Group. New analysis of data from the 2008 Specular Microscopy Ancillary Research , a subset of the CDS, found that the preoperative donor cell count of endothelial cells, regarded as an important predictor of a successful transplant previously, didn’t correlate with graft achievement.Wright’s team discovered that 1.7 % of those patients who took aspirin in the five times before surgery passed away in the hospital afterwards, compared to 4.4 % of these who didn’t, and importantly, those that took aspirin did not appear to possess a greater threat of excessive internal bleeding. Wright says the analysis confirms aspirin’s benefits for patients with known coronary disease, and displays there is absolutely no increased risk of bleeding also. That says Wright, eliminates the main reason why surgeons and doctors would advise patients to discontinue aspirin therapy.. Army Corps of Engineers to inflate Birds Point levee near New Madrid as 500-year flood slams Midwest In what is shaping up to be the most severe flood circumstance in nearly a hundred years, the swelling Mississippi and Ohio rivers have finally breached their ‘flood stages’ as persistent and torrential rains continue to pummel the Midwest states of Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee.