At the mercy of approval of the purchase by BioOnes shareholders.

Cerus to obtain BioOne’s commercialization privileges for INTERCEPT Blood System Cerus Company announced today that it offers signed an contract to acquire BioOne Corporation’s commercialization rights for the INTERCEPT Bloodstream System for platelets and plasma, at the mercy of approval of the purchase by BioOne’s shareholders. In 2004 and 2005, Cerus and its partner at that time, Baxter International, licensed the commercialization privileges for INTERCEPT platelets and plasma to BioOne for an Asian territory, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand .


This tissue sample can be obtained in a genuine number of ways.A cervical biopsy is usually done by a specialist in diseases of ladies`s reproductive and sexual organs .The biopsy is examined by a physician who specializes in diagnosing illnesses by searching at cells and tissues under a microscope .Colposcopy is an operation similar to a pelvic examination. The examination runs on the type of microscope known as a colposcope to inspect the cervix. The entire section of the cervix is usually stained with a harmless dye to make abnormal cells better to find.The colposcope magnifies the cervix by eight to 10 times, allowing easier identification of any abnormal-appearing tissue that might need biopsy.This process can usually be done in a gynecologist`s office.These abnormalities may be an early part of the slow group of adjustments that can lead to cancer.Sometimes a larger biopsy is required to check for invasive cervical malignancy fully.