New study suggests.

The researchers looked at if the antibiotics prescribed were narrow-spectrum also, which are recommended as first-range treatment of common childhood infections, or broad-spectrum. Children who got broad-spectrum antibiotics had a 16 % higher risk [of weight problems than those who did not], Bailey said. No link was found between the narrow-spectrum obesity and medicines risk. The experts took into consideration other factors affecting obesity, such as insurance status, usage of steroids and having an asthma diagnosis, and the association held.Aside from pain, the leg becomes pale and cool. While there are many potential resources of a blood clot, one common spot to look is the center. If the cardiac arrhythmia known as atrial fibrillation is present, there may be the potential that small clots can develop on the liner of the center and break off to visit through the arteries, obstructing blood circulation at any points distant from the heart. From the leg Aside, the obstruction might occur in one of the blood vessels resulting in the brain, causing a stroke.