Capitol Hill hot topics: Mental health.

Capitol Hill hot topics: Mental health, abortion and entitlement cuts Roll Contact explores how some lawmakers have strong personal connections to issues linked to mental gun and wellness violence. Meanwhile, anti-abortion advocates are eyeing another continuing quality as a car to soften the Obama administration's contraceptive protection mandate. Finally, Treasury secretary nominee Jack Lew answers questions about entitlements . Roll Call: Mental-Health Interest Is Personal For Many Lawmakers For Rep.

Cannabis-based medicines presented in a highly-controlled clinical environment unexpectedly result in strong psychotic effects Volunteers taking cannabis-based therapeutic medicines as part of a controlled trial, which had been approved by an ethics panel as safe and sound for the subjects, experienced psychotic effects just seeing that strong as if they had smoked cannabis. These findings, unexpected in that controlled environment highly, are released today in the peer-reviewed, Open Access journal BMC Psychiatry. Dr Bernard co-workers and Favrat, from the Institut Universitaire de Medecine Legale in Switzerland, had been conducting a scientific trial into the effects of orally administered delta-9-tetrahydrocannibol , the active ingredient in cannabis, when two of their male topics experienced impaired psychomotor functions and severe anxiety common of cannabis-induced psychosis.