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CI data files legal complaint against Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch for violating organic standards The developing popularity of organic food over the past several decades has positively resulted in both increased availability and affordability. It also has, however, led to the emergence of organic factory farm imposters attempting to make use of the system by reducing corners and selling not-so-organic products . One such operation, Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch , may be the subject of a new legal complaint filed by the Cornucopia Institute over the company’s laying chickens which do not have proper outdoor access as they should.

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CDC provides new instruction to safeguard against Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is a deadly disease transmitted by infected rodents through urine, droppings, or saliva. Humans can contract the disease when they breathe in aerosolized virus. Rodent control in and around the home remains the primary strategy for preventing hantavirus infection. SEAL UP! Seal up holes outside and inside the home to prevent entry by rodents. Trap rodents around the true home to help reduce the population. Take precautions before even though cleaning rodent-infested areas. More.