And prevent potential accidents and errors.

Cognitive test battery designed to measure impact of spaceflight stressors on cognitive performance Space is among the most demanding and unforgiving environments. Human being exploration of space requires astronauts to maintain consistently high degrees of cognitive performance to ensure mission safety and success, and prevent potential accidents and errors. Despite the need for cognitive performance for objective success, little is well known about how exactly cognition is affected by prolonged spaceflight, and what areas of cognition are affected primarily fast help .

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Cognitive deficits result in ‘loss of personal’ among cancer patients For a few cancer patients, side effects impacting cognition don’t end with the last dose of chemotherapy. According to a new survey, the cognitive impairment experienced by 14 to 45 % of cancer sufferers can be long-enduring and severely affect their personal and professional lives. Individuals report that having less concentration, short-term memory loss, difficulty with term recall and the shortcoming to arrange or multi-task have resulted in significant problems at home and at work. Probably the most poignant and striking findings from this research is that individuals most severely affected no longer identify with the person they were prior to treatment, said Janet Colantuono, executive director of Hurricane Voices Breasts Cancer Foundation, the non-profit that conducted the survey.