CQs Carey looks at genetic anti-discrimination measure.

CQ’s Carey looks at genetic anti-discrimination measure, legislation to block Medicaid rules implementation, FDA hearings Mary Agnes Carey, associate editor of CQ HealthBeat, examines Senate authorization of genetic non-discrimination legislation, House passage of a measure to block implementation of new Medicaid rules and hearings about FDA’s dependence on increased inspection assets in this week’s Health in the Hill from kaisernetwork.org and CQ. Regarding to Carey, the Senate voted 95-0 to approve legislation that would prohibit employers and insurers from using any genetic screening test results when making employment or insurance decisions tablets 100mg .

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CRP40 may have pathogenic role in schizophrenia By Joanna Lyford, Senior medwireNews Reporter Gene expression of catecholamine-regulated proteins 40 is dysregulated in people with schizophrenia, study findings show. The study builds on earlier use post-mortem specimens and supports a potential useful role for this protein in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. CRP40 is certainly expressed in the central anxious system and bloodstream and is a 40-kDa heat shock-like splice variant of mortalin-2 – a mitochondrial 70-kDa heat shock proteins involved in energy creation and oxidative stress. In vitro studies have shown that CRP40 may be neuroprotective, and a human post-mortem study discovered that CRP40 levels are lower in mind samples from schizophrenia patients than from healthy individuals.