CDC report finds upsurge in reports of respiratory illness in children after hurricane Katrina.

In addition, the analysis included only kids who experienced health issues before Katrina. Researchers also were uncertain if the number of physician appointments was affected by the announcement in February that travel trailers provided by the federal government to families who was simply displaced by the hurricane acquired toxic levels of formaldehyde, that may cause respiratory and additional health problems. ‘Broader Concerns’ Based on the Post, the study’s ‘limited conclusions did not resolve broader concerns raised by wellness officials and pediatricians, who previously reported heightened issues of breathing problems among kids on the Gulf Coast after Katrina.’ Michael McGeehin, director of the CDC device that developed the report, said the outcomes of the analysis do not apply to children surviving in travel trailers and homes along the Gulf Coast region.Health West Nile virus: What is it? West Nile virus isn’t curable in humans, even though some are asymptomatic, children and the elderly are most at risk to the mosquito-born bug. Dr. West Nile virus infections occur in the summer through fall months usually, based on the CDC. Mosquitoes carry the disease after feeding on contaminated birds, and the insects transmit the condition to humans. In rare cases, it can also spread through blood transfusions, transplants, being pregnant and breastfeeding from the mom. West Nile Virus outbreak 2012 Since 1999, there’s under no circumstances been this many U.S.